Getting started by creating Amberdata account! πŸŽ‰




Creating an account on!


Anyone! Whether you own and/or run a public/private chain, day trade and are looking for real time price metrics, a developer, or simply an enthusiast, creating an Amberdata account will assist in demystifying the nuanced complexities of the blockchain and analyzing the dizzying number of data points.


  • Personalized configuration options
  • Early access to beta features
  • Customized Anomaly Alerts sent to the devices of your choosing
  • Developer & Blockchain API Access


Start by clicking the Login button at the top right of the screen:

Next, select the Sign up tab and fill in your credentials:

Note: As nifty little feature you can receive text alerts to the phone number that you enter. However, you can always configure this later on the account screen.

If successful, you’ll be logged in and directed to the dashboard.

Note: Don’t forget to confirm your email.

That’s it! For configuring alerts and other information see additional tutorials below: