Configuring your shiny ✨ new account!



Personalizing your account and configuring alerts.


Anyone with an account. Don’t have an account? Then let’s get you signed up!


To take full advantage of what Amberdata has to offer! And so you can configure alerts, customize your dashboard*, get developer api access, etc. Need I say more?


Editing Account Details


First if you’re not already logged in then do so.

Update/Add Personal Information

Next, let’s go to the account screen. Here we can update your personal information. Update your Email address, add or update the phone number of where you would like to receive text alerts, company info, etc.

Linking social media

Linking social media accounts will enable you to share your dashboard setup* with others!

Beta Features!!

This is also where we can enable those rad beta features to stay ahead in the game. :sunglasses:

Deactivate? :disappointed:

If (for whatever reason) you decide you would like to deactivate your account you can do so at the very bottom of this page. Taking note of the very ominous warning.


That’s all there is to it! If you run into any issues or need additional assistance feel free to create a topic under the Support category.

*At the time of writing this the feature is note available, although it will be soon (especially since you’ve enabled those beta features :wink: )

Getting started by creating Amberdata account! 🎉